the blog.

Another blog about second life? Really?

Yes, really. But here you’ll find no fashion pics neither posts about where to grap the latest group gifts. This blog is all about music… to be accurate… live music.

I remembered as I started Second Life, knowing that live music exists somewhere on the grid and so – of course – I googled it. Found nothing useful and looked at the Second Life website itself. Well at least there is the event calendar. But sadly it is only used by very few artists. I sadly miss(ed) a blog, forum, ticker or whatever where to find live music. Sure it’s the fun part discovering new artists/performers by hopping from one music venue to another. But it is hard to get an overview. So the idea of this blog was born – to be a little help to find live music.

And here I am… like… when you want to get things done, do them by yourself. Lots of ideas and full of enthusiasm. Lets get started!


Yeah… who is this me?

Music lover, shopper, photographer… and now blogger. Starting my Second Life in november 2018 I’m still quite new on the grid but not new to online worlds in general. Being a gamer for almost 20 years now I played lots of mmorpgs, starting with – love it or hate it – World of Warcraft and ranged many other online games/communities till I got all fed up with quests and grinding. And of all things why Second Life now? Music… and Shopping! I mean, this is like paradise if you love dressing your avatars. All roleplayers and collectors out there, you know it: glam is the real endgame.

Besides that I’m a music lover not only in Second Life I can also be found often at concerts in real life too. Mostly into singer/songwriter you may also see me at rock or punk gigs – often all it needs to make me happy are some tunes from an accoustic guitar. Heavily influenced by artists like Eddie Vedder, Chris Rea, Eric Clapton, Frank Turner or some less famous ones like William Fitzsimmons, Will Varley, Lery Lynn, Larkin Poe and so many more… and of course Mr. Leonard Cohen. I mean someone who said such wise words like “Never make a decision when you need to pee.” can’t be less then brilliant!

Not only into music on the grid, another great thing I discovered for me while in Second Life is photography. I can spend hours and hours with finding the right pose, perspective and lights…till I start it all over again. First just an experiment to see how I’m doing, it is now a hobby and I even have my own flickr. Give it a try if you’re interested.

And now back to you. If you want to drop me a line feel free to contact me with your feedback, suggestions, to start a chat about music, photography or just say “hi”. Looking forward to it.