“Songs with a bluesy touch.”
Joe Paravane
@ Cafe Musique

Last monday was one of those days that only an acoustic guitar could save. What a coincidence that Jack Paravane played at Cafe Musique – an easy decision.

@ Cafe Musique

Joe started his set with Ray LaMontagne’s “Trouble”, which wasn’t a bad forecast at all. His slightly higher, somewhat rough voice and his guitar playing were very catchy and took me directly on an one hour journey through well selected songs of covers and originals – particularly I loved some of the longer intros and instrumal parts of the latter. But not only playing acoustic guitar he also added some harmonica to a couple of songs which gave them a pleasent bluesy note. For example his original “What do you know” and the Grateful Dead’s “My sisters and brothers”, enjoyable and easy listening.

Organic finger style sounds from roots folk to rock, blues and more

Coming from San Francisco, Joe Paravane is a singer/songwriter and guitarist. Known for organic finger style sounds from roots folk to rock, blues and more, he plays the acoustic guitar, harmonica as well as piano and ukulele. Streaming his music online in Second Life for over 11 years now, you can also meet him offline. Take a look on his website to see where he is playing next.

Cafe Musique was established in 2015 for music lovers by music lovers. Usually hosting concerts at an atmospheric beach club, tuesdays they open their Cafe to offer live music asides of it. You can find events almost all day long, so you can enjoy live music nearly every time, no matter which timezone you are living in.

Thank you Joe for a very enjoyable hour!

Find more about Joe here:
Group: Resonator
Website / Facebook
Media: samples

Setlist Joe Paravane @ Cafe Musique 13.01.2020:
Ray LaMontagne – Trouble
Joe Paravane – What do you know (Org.)
Brett Dennen – Ain’t no reason
Joe Paravane – Mountain woman (Org.)
Death Cab for Cutie – I will follow you into the dark
Joe Paravane – Give thanks (Org.)
Grateful Dead – My sisters and brothers
Joe Paravane – I like the way you make me feel (Org.)
Neil Young – Hold back the tears
Joe Paravane – Take a chance with your heart (Org.)
Jack Johnson – Better together
Joe Paravane – There is a garden (Org.)