“CCCN? Catchy Country Club Night!”
Savannah Rain
@ Sapphire Beach Club

Another saturday in Second Life and as the week was quite busy I finally made it for some live music. I checked in at Sapphire Beach Club to see Savannah Rain.

@ Sapphire Beach Club

First of all I have to admit that it wasn’t just country that Savannah sang, but that it was what left us in a good mood. Starting in the 50s with Elvis “Love me” and ending in 2019 with Pink and Trisha Yearwood her songlist was quite varied – and as she sounds a bit like Linda Ronstadt I’m sure it was no coincidence that there were with “It’s so easy” and “When will I be loved” two songs from her on Savannahs set. From pop to ballads and as the title already suggested catchy country songs, it was all you need for a fun and easy listening show. Likeable and talkative she led through the hour and I totally loved the anecdotes she shared here and there between the songs, especially the one of her daughter and a friend from the kindergarten she met after years again. But that left me with one important question at the end of her show: “Is Brandon really so hot?”

…on a coffee table shaking her pelvis like Elvis to “Jail house Rock”.

The first time Savannah sang for a crowd, she was at the age of 6 and on a coffee table shaking her pelvis like Elvis to “Jail house Rock”. Coming from the US, she grew up in a church and a small town where music was everything, she eveloved a deep love for all kinds of music early on. She spent her teenage years traveling all over the southeast singing at churches, bars, weddings, parties and the occasional funeral. A vocal scholarship at colleague, studied the classics – but Savannah has always felt rooted in classic country and southern rock. And of course she loves good ballads too.

Being one of the younger venues, Sapphire Beach Club was founded last year. Having also DJs, the main program is live music and every wednesday there is an open mic event. Tributes and further shows are also planned. As the name suggests it is a beach club, but there is lots more to discover. The Sapphire Universe Club where Savannah played, a stadium and a place for more formal events. On top of that limited time themes like the winterland which is open till end of january.

Thank you Savannah for a very fun hour!

Find more about Savannah here:
Group: Savannah Rain Fallin’
Website / Facebook
Media: soundcloud

Setlist Savannah Rain @ Sapphire Beach Club 25.01.2020:
Elvis Presley – Love me
Olivia Newton-John – Let me be there
Linda Ronstadt – It’s so easy
Tanya Tucker – Some kind of trouble
Merle Haggard – Mama tried
Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues
Jeannie C. Riley – Harper Valley PTA
Bryan Adams – Heaven
Anne Murray – You needed me
Chris Janson – Good vibes
Vince Gill – Whenever you come around
Linda Ronstadt – When will I be loved
Patty Loveless – Timber, I’m falling in love
Pink – Walk me home
Trisha Yearwood – What gave me away