On air!

Music was my first love
and it will be my last.

John Miles

I’ve done it. The blog is up and running and I’m officially a blogger now. Wow. If someone had told me 10 month ago you will be blogger I surely had replied that this would be nuts. Yep and here I am.

Of course still some work left, I decided to do some kind of soft launch instead of waiting for a full release. Let things grow and develop instead of pushing – always the best way for me. So what can you expect? For now I will regularly post about concerts, giving tips where to go and who is out there. In the near future there will be more, for sure there are some interviews planned and I already have some ideas for other stuff. Stay tuned – I’m looking forward how things will evolve.

So spread the word, the blog is for you. I hope you’ll enjoy and ideally you discover new artists, music and venues. Well then I could say mission accomplished.

Last but not least, special thanks to Cora for all your tips and constantly cheering me up, Juliane for bolstering me and your constructive critism and all musicians, artists, performers, venue owners and hosts out there. Keep up the work – we love live music.