Milestone alert!
163 days of blogging about live music in Second Life.

I’m super proud that I hit another milestone and thought this is the perfect time for a short recap and a big THANK YOU. Long story told short, since this week I’m officially listed as one of the top 30 Second Life blogs at

As I started my journey about 6 month ago I wasn’t sure wether it is a good or a bad idea. But since then I got so much positive feedback, recommendations and encouragement and here I am, still enough ideas in store and full of enthusiasm.

So this THANK YOU goes to all live music lovers, readers, followers, friends and of course all artists and venue owners! Without you this wouldn’t be possible, without you there would be no blog. It is my pleasure!

Numbers and Milestones

  • selected as one of the top 30 Second Life blogs at
  • over 45 posts about our most favorite hobby in Second Life
  • over 2.500 views and numerous chats about artists, concerts and songs
  • presence in all relevant social media platforms: facebook, flickr, instagram and twitter
  • a complete new layout for more clarity and reader-friendliness
  • new categories like “interviews”, “eats & beats” and the latest one “snipits”