“Australian originals.”
Bright Oh
@ Surfside Hideaway

Kind of a slow sunday morning for me, so I decided to pay a visit to Surfside Hideaway as they offer quite a good line up for this time of day. My choice was Bright Oh.

@ Surfside Hideaway

Mentioning it before, I love artists who are performing their own songs and so I was super excited as I heard that Bright only plays originals in his shows. Starting super catchy with his “What is up” time was nearly flying till he slowed down a bit in the mid of the hour with the beautiful “Magenta Moon Trilogy”. The sound quality is excellent and with his full and clear voice… he is just stunning.

Bright is an Australian singer/songwriter and his shows flow between ballads, mid-tempo rock and ecopolitical rants – either unplugged and/or with backing tracks. He is a prolific songwriter and in 2013 he released his tenth album of songs all written since he began performing in Second Life in 2009. Sadly he has no calendar, but a few regular biweekly shows, so make sure you catch him there:

Mondays; 4am – Colour of Whispers
Fridays; 7pm – Under the Willows
Sundays; 2am – Surfside Hideaway

The Surfside Hideaway, one of the beach-themed venues, offers lots of live music throughout the week. If you plan a visit there, be aware of the shark – don’t get bitten. I was two times lucky now.

Thank you Bright for lighten up my sunday morning!

Find more about Bright here:
Website / Facebook
Media: reverbnation / youtube

Setlist Bright Oh @ Surfside Hideaway 15.09.2019:
Bright Oh – What is up (Org.)
Bright Oh – Take the risk (Org.)
Bright Oh – I fall (Org.)
Bright Oh – Nightime (Org.)
Bright Oh – Get back to your man (Org.)
Bright Oh – Karen (Org.)
Bright Oh – Endlessly (Org.)
Bright Oh – The morning sun (Org.)
Bright Oh – Magenta Moon Trilogy pt. I / In the vastness of space (Org.)
Bright Oh – Magenta Moon Trilogy pt. II / I saw a rocketship (Org.)
Bright Oh – Magenta Moon Trilogy pt. III / Magneta moon (Org.)
Bright Oh – How quiet the hands of time (Org.)
Bright Oh – The mountains where we live (Org.)
Bright Oh – The sound of hello (Org.)