“Two are better than one.”
OhMy Kidd & Saraine
@ The Pocket

When the day starts slow it’s time for live music. What a coincidence that at this moment a group message popped up, OhMy Kidd & Saraine playing at The Pocket.

@ The Pocket

Playing full acoustic with guitar and percussion, it is for sure a special combination and a good one too. Therefore it is not bad at all that the sound quality isn’t professionell, it felt more like an evening at a campfire. An original right to the start and a bit slower, they pace up steadily and with ‘California dreamin’ they build up this hippie feeling which held for the rest of the show. A wonderful blast of good mood from the past.

OhMy Kidd is a dedicated musician from Australia with over 30 years already done, and more to come. Saraine Sands is a drummer and percussionist with professonal experience in Real Life blues and rock bands. Together they perform live in Second Life with OhMy on guitar or ukelele and vocal, with percussion & backing vocals from Saraine Sands. OhMy’s original songs have been described as “hippie music with a haircut”. For a long time they played regular friday night shows, but now they only play in world occasionally. Best way to see them is to join their inworld group as there is no calendar.

Founded in 2007, The Pocket is one of the older clubs on the grid. The small stage on the beach used to have other live singers performing here too, but now it’s mostly just for OhMy Kidd and a few friends.

Thank you OhMy Kidd & Saraine for bringing back the good old times – at least for an hour!

Find more about OhMy Kidd here:
Group: OhMy Friends
Website / Facebook
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Setlist OhMy Kidd & Saraine @ The Pocket 21.09.2019:
OhMy Kidd – If you want to (Org.)
Graham Nash – Military madness
The Mamas and the Papas – California dreamin
America – A horse with no name
The Church – Under The Milky Way
OhMy Kidd – Whispering Mystery (Org.)
The Beatles – Michelle
OhMy Kidd (with apologies to Monty Python’s Universe song) – The metaverse song (Org.)
OhMy Kidd – Losing the war (Org.)
Neil Young – Lotta love
Cat Stevens – Peace train
OhMy Kidd – What do you do (Org.)
OhMy Kidd – Gloxinia (Org.)
Spectrum – I’ll be gone