“The best way to start a sunday.”
@ Surfside Hideaway

Starting my sunday at Surfside Hideaway again and with all the live music – the best place to do so. Today it was Arra and if you think of a relaxed sunday noon, you can’t be more wrong.

@ Surfside Hideaway

Powerful – I think that’s the best word to describe Arra’s voice and performance. She had me right from the start and didn’t loosed me for the rest of the hour with her mix of r&b, pop and latin pop. Super catchy and fun to listen, especially her versions of “Black widow” and “Birthday cake” where she was accompanied by Meeshy. She just made it impossible for me to sit quietly on my chair… this hour was more like 15 minutes. Way too short, Arra… way too short!

Arra is from the Philippines where she started singing when she was 5 years old. She has taken voice lessons and has also been a vocal coach. Arra has sung in many competitions and performed in many gigs in Real Life and now Arra brings her amazing talent and ability to Second Life. Check her calender for her shows, you don’t want to miss her.

The Surfside Hideaway, one of the beach-themed venues, offers lots of live music throughout the week. If you plan a visit there, be aware of the shark – don’t get bitten. Third time lucky, I wonder when the shark will get me.

Thank you Arra for powering up my sunday!

Find more about Arra here:
Website / Facebook
Media: soundcloud

Setlist Arra @ Surfside Hideaway 22.09.2019:
Chris Brown – Yeah 3x
Chris Brown – Next to you
Iggy Azalea – Black widow (ft. Meeshy)
Christina Perri – Arms
Camila Cabello – Havana
Miley Cyrus – When I look at you
Bruno Mars – Grenade
Dawn Penn – You don’t love me
Evanescence – My immortal
Keri Hilson – Pretty girl rock
Rihanna – Birthday cake (ft. Meeshy)
Dusty Springfield – You don’t have to say you love me
Kelis – Milkshake
Jennifer Lopez – On the floor